Croisières en Voilier en Méditerranée avec LunaSole



Cruise in Sardigna

Archipelago of Maddalena

Croisières en Voilier avec Skipper en Méditerranée
Croisières en Voilier avec Skipper en Méditerranée
Croisières en Voilier avec Skipper en Méditerranée
Croisières en Voilier avec Skipper en Méditerranée

This cruise is especially recommended for the lovers of nature and basic scuba-diving.


Nested in the North East part of Sardinia, the Archipelago of Maddalena consists of
seven islands also named the seven sisters:
Maddalena , Caprena , Santo Stefano , Spargi , Razzoli , Budelli and Santa Maria.
as well as numerous surrounding smaller islands, only inhabited by an incredible variety of birds.

You can spend the night in one of these multiple welcoming inlets.
Be ready for a complete change of scenery.

The itinerary can be subject to changes, depending upon weather forecast,
or sea conditions.
To fulfill the program on time, it might be necessary at times to use the engine,
when / if wind conditions are not adequate.


A cruise with Laurent, your skipper

We will offer you a personalized cruise,
based upon the season,your availabilities,and the number of passengers.

Unless specified otherwise, cruises start on saturdays in July and August.

Prices below give you an idea, till detailed and free estimates of several different possibilities are sent to you.


Sardinia 2020


Price of the sailboat in € with skipper for one week


Cruises leaving from Bonifacio (Corsica), Portisco (Sardinia).


Période A --- Low season


Période B --- High season


Period C ---Peak in August


Taxe de navigation pour les îles de la Maddalena sur devis selon taille voilier et nombre de participants


Sailboats 9 to 15m ( 2 to 5 cabins and 1 to 4 bathrooms ) for 1 to 10 people





Period A

Period B

Period C


2 double cabins for 1 to 4 passengers



3000 - 3500




3 double cabins for 3 to 6 passengers



3500 - 4000




4 double cabins for 4 to 8 passengers



4000 - 4500




5 double cabins for 5 to 10 passengers



4500 - 5000




Sailboats Catamarans ( 3 to 4 cabins and 1 to 4 bathrooms ) recommended up to 8 passengers maximum


from 2 to 8 passengers

on request




Cruise ''A la Carte'' ( destinations and motor-yacht or sailing-yacht of your choice )

upon estimate


Hostess/Steward ( takes care of daily meals and clean-up ) Price per day

150 €


Two weeks


One week rate X 2 less 20%

upon estimate


Are included in the rates :

Leaving from the harbor chosen at the time of the reservation :

- Rental of a recent sailboat.
- The dinghy with an outboard motor.
-The sheets and towels
- The set price of gas.
- The final cleaning of the boat.
- The repurchase of the insurance deductible.

The skipper's services, which include:
- The management of the cruise, the sailing, and the safety aboard.
- The lay down of the security deposit
( you do not have to advance an amount going from 2 000� to 7 000� according to the size of the boat ).

Are not included in the rates :

- Food and drinks for every one on board, skipper included.
Food shopping will be done together before departure. Expect around 60� per person, for a week.
- Diesel oil ( we use the motor when there is no wind ) an estimate will be included in the proposition.
- Harbor fees for the night (when necessary ).


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