Croisières en Voilier en Méditerranée avec LunaSole

Cruise or short termes cruises, out of season

One week or few days of holidays on the French Riviera

Croisières en Voilier avec Skipper en Méditerranée
Croisières en Voilier avec Skipper en Méditerranée
Croisières en Voilier avec Skipper en Méditerranée
Croisières en Voilier avec Skipper en Méditerranée

Leaving from Porquerolles, from end of September to end of April. .

Leaving from Hyères, from May to half of June.

The islands of Porquerolles, Port-Cros and the presqu’île de Giens are located south of Hyères (near Toulon).
Spending a couple of days (or more) at these places, out of the high summer season,
allows you to discover the genuine beauty of these islands.
All the hiking paths are open (which is not the case in the summer, due to fire risks).
It is often sunny, and temperatures are mild. During Fall, Winter and Spring, you are in paradise.
We offer you to relax for a couple of days, or an entire week, at Porquerolles
and to navigate to Port-Cros and the presqu’île de Giens, which are only one or two hours of sailing away.


Example for a 2 days and 2 nights cruise:

Arrival around 5:00 pm, we spend the night at Porquerolles.
After a healthy breakfast, we navigate to Port-Cros.
In the afternoon, you can enjoy a pleasant walk around this wonderful island.
Sailing around the island can be another option.
We spend the night at the harbor and (when the sky is clear) admire a star-studded sky we don’t see everywhere.
The following morning, we sail back to Porquerolles and have lunch at a mooring place.
You can spend the afternoon discovering the island on foot, by bike, or sailing around the island.
Your cruise will end between 5:00 and 6:00 pm.

If you wish, Laurent, your skipper, can walk along with you. He knows these islands very well and can show you nice paths.
If you wish to sail more, or if you have a couple of extra days, other itineraries are possible towards the presqu’île de Giens.

Don’t hesitate to ask, we will offer you a personalized cruise.

In this offer, beteen October and April,
when the wind is too high and prevents us from sailing,
you will not have to pay for the navigation package.
If you wish to stay at Porquerolles, we will then apply the price”night on board”.
This will allow you to have a good stay and enjoy nice walks.

Click here to access the ''Sailboat at Quay'' page and know more.


Exemple pour une croisière de 4 jours et 3 nuits

Jour 1 : Presqu'île de Giens - Porquerolles
Contournement de la Presqu’île de Giens par le sud.
Cap sur Porquerolles et passage par le Sud
Baignade et nuit au mouillage.

Jour 2 : Porquerolles - Port-Cros
Puis nous mettrons le cap sur Port-Cros,
Nous ferons le tour de l’île et mouillerons l'ancre dans l'anse de Port Man.
Baignade et nuit au mouillage ou au Port.

Jour 3 : Port Cros - Porquerolles
Le matin, pour les marcheurs, balade possible sur l'île,
et votre skipper vous retrouvera au village.

Dans l'après-midi, cap sur Porquerolles par le Nord. Mouillage dans une des superbes baies,
et le soir, promenade dans le village. Baignade et nuit au Port ou au mouillage.

Jour 4 : Porquerolles - retour.
Porquerolles d’est en ouest et retour sur la Presqu’île de Giens,
Ultime baignade, plage de La Badine
Retour au port.

Dans cette formule à la journée, entre octobre et avril,
en cas de vent trop fort, ne nous permettant pas de naviguer,
vous n'aurez pas à payer le forfait navigation.
Si vous souhaitez rester à Porquerolles, nous appliquerons alors le tarif ''cabine d'hôte'' à la nuitée.
Cela vous vous permettra de passer un bon séjour, et profiter de belles promenades.

Accédez à la page ''Voilier à Quai'' pour en savoir plus - Cliquez ici


Sailing with a skipper, for a day or a week

According to your wishes, and the number of passengers, your skipper will offer you a personal itinerary

Daily outings start at 9:00 am and end around 5:00 pm.


2020 Out of Season


Period : From beginning of April to End of june and from october to december



A Day-cruise with skipper, on our sailboat of 15m. From Porquerolles or from Hyères


The day of navigation for 1 to 10 passenger - Given price (up to 10 passengers), and divided by the number of participants :

1.000 €


Night(s) on board optionals ( 4 cabins for 8 peoples maximum )

La cabine : 100 €


Sheets and towels for cabin




Cruises for a week with skipper, on our sailboat of 15m. Leaving from Hyères or Porquerolles


Le voilier et 4 cabines disponibles en : octobre - novembre - décembre et avril

4.000 €


Le voilier et 4 cabines disponibles en : mai et juin

5.000 €


Nights on board included - 4 cabins for 8 peoples maximum ( the 5th cabin is for the skipper )



Sheets ans towels for cabin




Are included in the rates :

Leaving from the harbor chosen at the time of the reservation :

- Rental of a recent sailboat.
- The dinghy with an outboard motor.
-The sheets and towels
- The set price of gas.
- The final cleaning of the boat.
- The repurchase of the insurance deductible.

The skipper's services, which include:
- The management of the cruise, the sailing, and the safety aboard.
- The lay down of the security deposit
( you do not have to advance an amount going from 2 000€ to 7 000€ according to the size of the boat ).

Are not included in the rates :

- Food and drinks for every one on board, skipper included.
Food shopping will be done together before departure. Expect around 60€ per person, for a week.
- Diesel oil ( we use the motor when there is no wind ) an estimate will be included in the proposition.
- Harbor fees for the night (when necessary ).

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