Croisières en Voilier en Méditerranée avec LunaSole



Sailboat cruise : holidays, activities, catering, sleeping and safety


Loisirs en Voilier - Croisière en Méditerranée

If you want, you can get introduced to the joys of sailing, and help out.
That goes without saying that the main activities will be water sports, such as swimming or scuba diving around the boat in the mooring places, or some dinghy rides around the boat.
However, endless walks and many visits at the places of call can be parts of the cruise.
The skipper is very familiar with the visited areas, and he can recommend you many great places.



All suggested boats are fit out with all mandatory safety devices.
With many years of experience, the skipper has successfully passed all mandatory trainings necessary to carry on this job.
as well as an International 'MASTER 200 GT' ( Sailing Yacht and Motor Yacht ) Certificate, STCW95.
The safety of the children is always under the supervision of their parents.

'Cash box' and Catering

Repas et Restauration à bord du Voilier

The 'cashbox' is used to pay the different expenses, such as food and drinks. Money is put in this 'box' before departure.
Suggested catering can include:
- Hearty breakfasts.
- Lunches made of various pasta dishes, selections of mixed salads, and cheese.
- Warm or cold evening meals when mooring.
- Picnic or local restaurant when in an harbor.

Meals are prepared together(except if you choose an optional hostess) , with conviviality.
It is possible to prepare vegetarian dishes, fish, halal, kosher,organic or any other specific diet.

Sleeping Arrangements

Cabines et Couchage à bord du Voilier

Boats cabins have double beds, sometimes bunk beds.
It's possible to rent linen ( continental quilt, quilt cover, pillows and sheets ), as well as small towels (easier drying), or you can bring your own.

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