Croisières en Voilier en Méditerranée avec LunaSole

Rates of the Mediterranean Cruise : French Riviera - Out Season with Skipper


Sailing with a skipper, for a day or a week

According to your wishes, and the number of passengers, your skipper will offer you a personal itinerary

Daily outings start at 9:00 am and end around 5:00 pm.

2019 Out of Season

Period : From beginning of April to End of june and from october to december

A Day-cruise with skipper, on our sailboat of 15m. From Porquerolles or from Hyères

The day of navigation for 1 to 10 passenger - Given price (up to 10 passengers), and divided by the number of participants :


Night(s) on board optionals ( 4 cabins for 8 peoples maximum )

500 €

Sheets and towels for cabin


Cruises for a week with skipper, on our sailboat of 15m. Leaving from Hyères or Porquerolles

Nights on board included - 4 cabins for 8 peoples maximum ( the 5th cabin is for the skipper )

Period A - from October - November - December and April

Period B -May - June



Period A

Period B



The sailboat and 4 cabins available


4000 €

5000 €



Sheets ans towels for cabin



Are included in the rates :

Leaving from the harbor chosen at the time of the reservation :

- Rental of a recent sailboat.
- The dinghy with an outboard motor.
-The sheets and towels
- The set price of gas.
- The final cleaning of the boat.
- The repurchase of the insurance deductible.

The skipper's services, which include:
- The management of the cruise, the sailing, and the safety aboard.
- The lay down of the security deposit
( you do not have to advance an amount going from 2 000€ to 7 000€ according to the size of the boat ).

Are not included in the rates :

- Food and drinks for every one on board, skipper included.
Food shopping will be done together before departure. Expect around 60€ per person, for a week.
- Diesel oil ( we use the motor when there is no wind ) an estimate will be included in the proposition.
- Harbor fees for the night (when necessary ).

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